What if, regardless of who you are, your belief in equality made an impact?  It can.   Meet EQUAL.

There are tens of millions of people, who like you, believe in equality for all.  In fact, we’re the majority and it is a core value for many of us.  Some of us march and some make donations to very worthy organizations.  Some very talented and dedicated people work on education, policy and we’ve witnessed progress in forms of accommodation, but we’re not achieving our true goal and we all know it.

That’s where YOU come in and that’s where EQUAL joins you.   We can take a different approach together and we believe it will achieve equal acceptance, respect and rights for all.  How?

We need to make this belief in equality: (1) positive and (2) ubiquitous.  It must permeate all communities and be so present and so positive every day, that policymakers, business owners and even narrow minded neighbors will have to take notice.   But, it’s not a massive protest that creates friction and begets accommodation.  It’s a quiet march that happens every day, everywhere.   At the gym, the supermarket, the restaurant, walking down the street.   If we are everywhere, if we present a united, positive identity, we’ll change minds, communities and the world.

Crazy?  Not really.   This is what brands do.  They generate positive emotion and stay top of mind.  They use brand advocates to share their message and appeal.  They reach the masses and add new customers every day.   So, together, we’re going to do the same thing with equality.  As experienced marketers and entrepreneurs from WeightWatchers, Amazon, Audible and more, we’ve seen this work.  We’ve executed the plans.  Now it’s time to take on the ultimate client.  The one that matters the most to us.  It’s the assignment of a lifetime.

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